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With the help of over 20 administrative staff and 80 trained and skilled craftsmen Rudrapriya provides complete Jewellery manufacturing services. Our dedication to quality and service is evidenced in our investment in the latest high-tech equipment. Our Most popular services are:
Complete Design Services for Your Product Line
Making fine custom designer jewellery is a specialty at Rudrapriya. Many companies turn to us to produce their products because they know we will provide them with the same handcrafted look and feel of their original piece.

We will use our design insight and technical expertise to help you produce a full product line of fine custom jewellery. You can choose a single production process or utilize our full jewellery manufacturing capabilities, it is entirely up to you. Contact us for further information. The Services are:

Conceptual Designs:-Whether your design is a vague notion in your head, a rough sketch, or a series of photos you want to use as a starting point, we'll be happy to work with you to advise you of the best ways to turn that design into a real piece of jewellery.

CAD Design for Production:-Once the design has been refined on paper, the next step is to make a 3-dimensional model. CAD software currently we used for designing jewellery is Rhino.

Casting:-We are capable of handling any of your wax originals, wax injections, models or rubber molds. We cast in all the traditional precious jewelry metals.

Handmade Manufacturing:-This is where all the pieces start to come together.Our talented Craftsman team can work wonders at the bench with a combination of cast items as well as hand-fabricated components.

Setting:-Our experienced setters are skilled at a variety of setting tasks, from simple prong settings to the more difficult forms such as channel, gypsy, bezel, and pave.

Finishing:-Our polishing experts are skilled in all aspects of the process, from lapping and buffing to the application of antique, rhodium and surface finishes.

Plating/Rhodium:-Rudrapriya use micron plating on all products. You can choose How much micron you want to do on your products. Gold Plating, Rose Gold Plating, Black Plating, Rhodium are available.

Contract Services
Rudrapriya provides jewellery manufacturing customers with a large array of contract services. We are skilled at all facets of jewellery manufacturing and can handle anything from a small order of just a few pieces to larger ones of 1000 or more. Our production services range from a single process to a full turn-key solution. Regardless of size, you can count on us to deliver your product promptly and accurately.
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