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About US

Rudrapriya a Jewellery manufacturer was founded with the goal of finding the most efficient and elegant way of manufacturing jewellery. We are a full service production company assisting jewellery retailers and designers for many years.

Rudrapriya Company Head office and Jewellery manufactring unit are based in Jaipur, India. We are committed to helping our customers create fine custom designed jewellery that exceeds their expectations. We do that by providing the highest level of service and talent available in the marketplace. We are a team of seasoned jewellery designers, manufacturers and craftsmen, all experts in our individual disciplines, brought together under one roof to make your jewellery manufacturing as easy and efficient as possible.

Whether you are a jewellery retailer needing something unusual created for a customer, or a designer with an idea for a bespoke piece or new collection, our goal is the same, to create your jewellery designs and master models at the highest quality while giving you the easiest to use service possible.

Rudrapriya is not a Brand, we are a Manufacturer who sell products to shops/designers/retailers/wholesalers/boutiques /etc (who buy to sell). We never mark/engrave our name or logo on products. All Products on this website are designed and produced by us. We never use or share any type of products/concepts which provided by clients.

We believe, by removing all outsourcing and establishing an entirely in-house manufacturing process from start to finish.
How Does Rudrapriya Work?
Whether you're a retail jeweller who needs something unique for a customer, a jewellery designer who wants to start a new collection, or simply an individual with a grand idea for a bespoke jewellery design, we can help.

One of our expert bespoke designers will be happy to contact you through Email, letting you know what information we will need from you to get everything started.

Since we have in-house manufacturing process so using CAD/CAM technology, we can easily show you exactly how your design will look before it's even been made into metal, giving you that much more assurance everything in your design will be just right.

Once you're happy with what you see on the computer screen, our team of master craftsmen will bring the design to life with a combination of traditional hand-made manufacturing techniques and the latest in CAD/CAM rapid prototyping technology.
What Kind Of Services Does Rudrapriya Offer?
We have recently set up a new facility which contains all major stages of the jewellery manufacturing process in one place:

      ⋅  Design Drawings
      ⋅  CAD Model Making
      ⋅  Wax Rapid Prototyping
      ⋅  Casting
      ⋅  Handcrafted
      ⋅  Setting
      ⋅  Finishing and Plating

This combination allows us to efficiently produce any master models or one-off designs you can think of without the hassle of managing several different specialists at once.
How To Contact And Deal With Rudrapriya?
Rudrapriya Office is based in Jaipur, India and It is not possible for us to go oversea buyer's office and contact them. You can contact us through Email. Mail serivce is best way to contact overseas buyers/suppliers. We are also registered on many applications and social networking sites from where you can contact us:
      ⋅  SKYPE
      ⋅  FACEBOOK
      ⋅  General Enquiries :
      ⋅  General Enquiries :
      ⋅  Customer Care :
      ⋅  Customer Care :

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